Cute Ruffle Tummy Control Swimsuits


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Bring a touch of playfulness to your beach attire with these cute ruffle tummy control swimsuits. The one-piece design features ruffle straps and a ruffle hem, adding a delightful and whimsical feel to your swimwear. The bow design on the front enhances the cuteness factor, while the tummy control feature ensures a smooth and flattering silhouette. This swimsuit is ideal for those who want a fun yet functional option for their summer outings.

The ruffle straps and hem create a charming look, perfect for those who love a flirty touch to their swimwear. The one-piece design offers ample coverage, while the tummy control feature provides additional support and shaping. The bow design on the front adds an adorable detail that sets this swimsuit apart, making it a standout choice for any beach or poolside event. Whether you’re swimming, sunbathing, or enjoying a beach party, this swimsuit keeps you feeling confident and comfortable.

With its combination of ruffles and tummy control, this one-piece swimsuit strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. The ruffle straps and hem give it a feminine and playful look, while the bow design adds an extra touch of charm. The tummy control feature ensures you feel secure and supported, allowing you to enjoy your beach day without worry. Pair this swimsuit with your favorite beach accessories for a complete and stylish summer look.

Size Height (in) Weight (lb) Cup
S 60.24-63.78 79.37-94.80 27.56-29.53
M 61.02-64.57 94.80-110.23 27.56-29.53-31.50
L 62.60-66.14 110.23-130.07 27.56-29.53-31.50
XL 64.96-67.72 130.07-147.71 29.53-31.50-33.46


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